Press Room Equipment & Material Handling Automation Systems in Rockford, MI

EMS Industrial Sales, Inc. is Michigan’s foremost authority on stamping presses and other press room automation systems. We operate out of Rockford, MI, bringing press equipment solutions and material handling equipment to industrial customers across the state. Our knowledgeability and access to best-in-class products ensures our customers get exactly what they need, working in the capacity they expect for their operations. From sales and installation to troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance and inspections, there’s little we can’t do when it comes to stamping presses and materials handling equipment.

Press Room Equipment

Our specialty is stamping press and materials handling equipment, and we’re connected to some of the best manufacturers in the industry when it comes to parts, feed lines, servo feed lines, and more. We’re also your resource for building your own production system, with expertise that extends to turnkey system design. Customers across Rockford, MI and beyond trust us when it comes to press room equipment at any scale.

  • Conveyors
  • Feed Lines
  • Loop Controls
  • Lube Spray Systems
  • Programmable Limit switches
  • Die protection
  • Machine Mounts
  • Servo Feeders
  • Press controls
  • Automation controls
  • Light curtains
  • Brake monitors
  • Tonnage monitors

Industry-Best Brands

When it comes to stamping presses and materials handling equipment, you need the proven reputation that comes from superior manufacturers. Our connections to the industry’s best brand name parts and components gives us the ability to confidently recommend and work with these brands. When you come to us for products and systems, you’ll have access to all the following reputable manufacturers.

  • Formtek Main
  • Jet Set
  • New London
  • Pax
  • ABB
  • Unist Inc.
  • Rack Engineering Division
  • Torspec
  • Shaker Conveyors
  • Stamtec
  • Vibro Dynamics
  • R&T Machine Services
  • Link Electric & Safety Controls Co.
  • P/A
  • US Drives

Turn to the Press Experts

EMS Industrial Sales, Inc. is standing by with the press room automation systems and material handling automation systems you need for your industrial operations. Contact us today at 616-863-0500 for more information about the products we sell or our capabilities when it comes to installing, configuring and maintaining these products in the context of your operations.